Fake Blockstream Green Support Scheme (Telegram)

Posted on Jul 23, 2020
Platform Telegram, Website
First Reported Jun 22, 2020
Location Global
Scammer Name/ID Unknown
No. of Reports Received 4

How the Scam Works

Scammers on Telegram are messaging users that are asking for technical support in our Blockstream Green Telegram support group.

The scammers will pretend to be a Blockstream technical support representative. They may ask their potential victim to provide their mnemonic directly in the Telegram chat, or instead send the user a link to a fake website. The website asks for a range of technical and personal information, including the user’s Blockstream Green mnemonic. Many users, thinking that they are being helped by a real Blockstream employee, input their mnemonics into the website.

The scammers are not really interested in any of the other personal information. They only use that to hide their real intention, which is to obtain users’ mnemonics. Once the scammers have received a user’s mnemonic, they will use it to steal all of their wallet’s funds.

The Real Blockstream Green Support Service

Official Blockstream Green support is provided through the email addresses [email protected] and [email protected] only. Users can also communicate with the Blockstream team and other Blockstream Green users in the official Telegram group, but note that our team will never reach out to you separately via direct message, and you should exercise extreme caution while in the group.

Never share your wallet’s mnemonic with anyone, under any circumstances. Consider anyone asking you to provide your mnemonic a scammer trying to steal your funds.

The real Blockstream Green website is part of our official website. We will never ask you to provide your mnemonic or other sensitive personal details through our website.

How to Report the Scam

If you have encountered the scam described above, send us details on our Report a Scam form.

Unfortunately, we are not able to help you with resolving any disputes or recovering any funds, but your report will help us identify high-risk scams, alert the community, and report them to the relevant authorities. 

We would also recommend that you take these additional measures: